Community Involvement

Community Involvement Goals

Make The Community Smile Hours (1,680)


Current Total: 0 Hours

Volunteer Hours (1,900)


Current Total: 0 Hours

Random Act Donation ($7,000)


Current Total: $0

Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities

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Red Crown Volunteer Programs

Make the Community Smile Program (During Work Hours)

Red Crown’s “Make the Community Smile” program encourages employees to volunteer during the work week. The program has been established to give employees the chance to give back and be more involved with the community. Red Crown is encouraging employees to participate, but it is not mandatory. Employees can volunteer at a local nonprofit or charitable organization (501) (C) 3.

When the employee is volunteering, they are required to wear the “Lets Make the Community Smile” shirt. If you do not have a shirt, contact the Marketing Department. Employees that are volunteering will be representing Red Crown. What is said and done is a reflection on Red Crown as a company. Please extend our typical friendly and professional courtesy to all that we come in contact with.

Social Media Requirement

By participating in the “Make the Community Smile” program, the employee is allowing Red crown to share their experience on Facebook and Twitter.

The employee is required to take photos when they are volunteering. In addition, employees will be required to write about their volunteering experience. The photos and written experience should be sent to the Marketing Department.

Same Event Request

If numerous employees in the same department submit a request for the same event, requests will be considered in a first come basis.

Approval Process

  • Speak to your supervisor about the volunteer time and obtain approval. Supervisors will require an advance notice to help determine the scheduling.
  • Once approved from supervisor, complete the form down below.
Community Involvement Program (After Work Hours)

We are always encouraging employees to get involved within the community. Our community involvement program recognizes employees who volunteer outside of work. Employees are responsible for submitting their volunteer hours. You can submit your hours in the form below.

Employees who volunteer on their own time will be given a chance to win awards and Red Crown will make a donation to the organization that the employee volunteer at.


Red Crown will be raffling off three prizes to employees who turn in their volunteer hours. Employees will receive one entry for every five hours volunteered.  Prizes are listed below.

  • One Vacation Day
  • $50 Visa or Amazon Gift Card (Winners Choice)
  • Free Lunch ($15 limit)


Community donations are tiered based on hours volunteered. Below are the tiers.

  • Between 20 to 39 Hours: $25 Donation
  • Between 40 to 74 Hours: $75 Donation
  • 75 Hours or Higher: $100 Donation

If an employee volunteers at more than one organization the employee may choose which organization receives the donation. Donation amounts will not be split between multiple organizations.

The awards and the donation amounts will be announced at the first staff meeting of the year.

Random Acts

Random Acts is for employees to give back to people within the community. Every staff member will get an opportunity to do a random act of kindness.  Staff will be given $100 to complete their Random Act. Random Acts can be done in groups or by yourself.  Some Random Acts will be posted on social media.

Places for Volunteering

Listed below are suggestions for staff to volunteer at for the Make the Community Smile Program and Community Involvement. You do not have to volunteer at these places.

Contact the Marketing Department if you have any questions.